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Anglian Learning is Creativity Collaborative for the South East

Anglian Learning is Creativity Collaborative for the South East

We are thrilled to announce that Anglian Learning has been chosen to take part in the ambitious three-year Creativity Collaboratives pilot project exploring teaching for creativity.  This project is supported by Arts Council England and the Freelands Foundation, and draws on the findings of the Durham Commission on Creativity and Education.

Anglian Learning CEO, Jonathan Culpin, said: “This is an exciting time for Anglian Learning.  The opportunity to influence the teaching and curriculum for creativity not just in our schools but regionally and nationally, and to play a central role in developing a better educational vision for children in this country is not something that comes around very often.  We have the people to take this project forward, and the Trust looks forward to meeting this challenge.”

Creativity is a much debated concept in education, and this project provides the chance to examine in depth what creativity means, what teaching for creativity can look like and how creativity manifests itself in pupils’ learning.  Whilst the arts are central to our philosophy as a Trust, the project is not confined to arts subjects.  On the contrary, Anglian Learning and Arts Council England are particularly interested in creativity across the curriculum, whether that is in Science, Maths or the Humanities.  Furthermore, this gives scope to explore projects that encourage practical creativity and intellectually creative thinking.

James Woodcock, Assistant Director of Professional Learning said: “This project reflects our commitment to active engagement with research, as part of our culture of ongoing professional learning.  We strive to keep up to date with research nationally and internationally and undertake investigations in our own schools, in order to continually test our understanding and develop our expertise.

James continued: “Additionally, we are delighted that Professor Nicola Walshe from UCL Institute of Education will work with us on the evaluation of our project.”

Working across numerous Anglian Learning schools over the three years, research will be conducted into how teachers can foster all pupils’ creativity and inquisitiveness, trialling different pedagogies and curriculum approaches that draw upon prior learning and require pupils to apply that learning to new, more complex contexts and scenarios.  This will include a study on how school leadership and professional development support these approaches.

Jenny Rankine, Principal of Bottisham Village College, which will be lead school in the hub of Anglian Learning schools involved in this project explained: “Fundamentally, we will examine how teaching for creativity can contribute to the achievement of school improvement priorities, in particular in supporting the learning and progress of more disadvantaged pupils.  The project is ambitious and there is much to be done, and we are excited to be embarking upon it.”

Nicky Morgan, Director of Special Projects, Arts Council England said: “I’m delighted to see the launch of the Creativity Collaboratives national network where we will work closely with teachers, their school networks and with the wider education sector to test approaches to teaching for creativity which all schools can adopt.

This innovative work reflects Arts Council’s commitment to reach children and young people across the country and in all phases of education to nurture their individual curiosity and creative potential which we know has a crucial impact on improving their life chances.

We want to highlight the professionalism and determination of teachers who work so hard to support and care for their students and look forward to sharing their work and the impact of the Creativity Collaboratives programme over the next three years.”

Photographs of Jonathan Culpin, CEO of Anglian Learning; James Woodcock, Assistant Director of Professional Learning; Jenny Rankine, Principal of Bottisham Village College.



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