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The Icknield Primary School

Principal Diane Mitchell

Address The Icknield Primary School
Lynton Way
CB22 3EA

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At Icknield, one of the things that makes us so unique, is the incredible staff who work here. We have office and support staff who keep everything running smoothly and a strong team of committed and talented teachers and TAs who teach everything from early phonics through to algebra. Everyone in the team plays a part in making learning come to life.  In every corner of the school are staff who care about Icknield and who are striving to make us the best school we can be.

We put our pupils at the heart of everything we do.  We value each child’s unique contribution to our school community; every child is special and brings their own personality, skills and talents to our school which we celebrate and build upon. We search to find the brilliance of each child and polish it until it sparkles. We look to develop all aspects of our pupils’ achievement through our focus on academic, creative, sporting and social goals within lessons. We utilise the school and local environment as much as possible.  What the children learn in school during the day is closely linked to what is they do in our after school provision, expertly run and managed by Premier Education. In more normal times we also have lunchtime clubs, extra-curricular activities and individual musical instrument tuition. Each child is taught according to our school values, enabling them to develop into responsible individuals for now and the future – and we could not be prouder of the young people we send off to secondary school.

We work in partnership with parents, governors and the local community. As a leadership team we are available to talk to every day and we work hard to involve parents in their children’s learning. We do this through assemblies, events (all virtual at the moment) and great communication.

Our Governing Body is a strong team of passionate volunteers who challenge the school in our constant drive for  improvement and we are well supported by our Friends of Icknield Primary School and the Grants Committee who raise money for us so we can give children as many magical experiences in their primary years as possible – from trips to iPads, laptops, books for the library and even a nature hotel! We are also fortunate to have the support of John Huntingdon’s Charity.

Our children leave school happy and ready to take the next step on their (hopefully) lifelong educational journey. Our outcomes are fantastic and above national average (Ofsted came in 2018 and judged us as to be a ‘Good’ school in every area).  Our progress for reading and maths is well above average. This matters because it means we take our children further along from their starting points than most other schools do.  We are particularly proud of this and know that it is down to the huge commitment and energy shown by every member of staff, the support we receive from our families, the local community and our strong values which underpin everything we do.

Here at Icknield our vision is to build a community of collaboration where diversity is valued and everyone is encouraged to speak in the knowledge that they are listened to.  We are a caring and inclusive community and we live and work by the Icknield value of togetherness, we are:

honest; caring; inclusive; unique; creative and confident

These values allow us to help develop pupils’ understanding of their responsibilities as members of a community, encouraging a positive, respectful and caring attitude towards others and the environment. They help us enable all our children to become responsible, resourceful, resilient and reflective young people, ready to face life’s challenges with confidence.

Most importantly, at Icknield, we create a nurturing environment which supports the well-being of every pupil and which enables children to learn how to manage their emotions and develop positive and fulfilling relationships. Through education we aim to unlock a brighter future, broaden horizons and show our children that the world is theirs to explore. In doing so, we enable everyone to be ambitious for a lifetime of learning. We expect our children to be ready; to be respectful and to be safe Everyone is valued here and there is opportunity for all. We recognise that all parents are ambitious for their children and we help them realise that ambition as we thrive and achieve together.


01223 340340

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