DNA is needed for the growth, development, functioning, and reproduction of living organisms. The DNA of an organism is passed from one generation to the next, ensuring that the genetic information is inherited and maintained in living organisms. DNA plays a fundamental role in the continuity of life and the diversity of living organisms.

The strands of Anglian Learning’s DNA are Our Core Values, Core Purpose, Core Vision and Core Principles.

Our four Core Values are AspirationCommunityEmpowerment and Inclusivity. These are the starting points of what we believe in. Everything we do, no matter our position in the Trust, should be informed by and reference these values.



This infographic demonstrates how the values of our 16 academies resonate with Anglian Learning’s Core Values.

Our Core Purpose

Our Core Purpose defines why Anglian Learning exists as a multi-academy trust and the purpose of our collective activity. Our Core Purpose is inspired by our Core Values. These are our starting points and shape what we do and how we do it to realise our Core Vision.

‘Transforming Together to enable inclusive and aspirational learning in every classroom, empower leaders across every academy, and ensure inspiring opportunities and educational success for our learners, people and communities.’

Our Core Vision

The Core Vision is what we are aiming to achieve for the young people in our care; this is our aspiration for them. This vision defines what success will look like for our young people. It also applies to our colleagues, who are also learners. Our blueprints define this vision in detail.

Our Core Vision is  ‘Dynamic, empowered learners who thrive and lead in their communities: locally, nationally and globally’.

Our Core Principles

To fulfil our purpose, values and visions, we will embed our Core Principles into everyday decisions. The six principles apply to every staff member, setting out our commitments as fellow members of Anglian Learning. They will be applied at all levels, but with context and help to form our decisions and shape how we act within schools, centrally and within our collective communities.

The below video encapsulates how our Core Purpose and Core Principles resonate with colleagues.