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The Meadow Primary School Celebrate ‘Good’ Ofsted Report

The Meadow Primary School Celebrate ‘Good’ Ofsted Report

The Meadow Primary School recenetly maintained their ‘Good’ Ofsted rating from 2017.  In the report, inspectors described the primary school as “a friendly school where everyone looks out for each other” with pupils who are “happy, polite and eager to learn.  They enjoy reading and benefit from learning the content of a well-designed curriculum. Pupils are confident to talk about their knowledge and readily give their opinions.”

Inspectors praised The Meadow Primary School for its “ambitious curriculum that enthuses pupils from early years to Year 6”, which is delivered well by teachers: “Leaders provide effective training and support so that staff deliver the curriculum well.  The curriculum for all subjects has an appropriate focus on helping pupils to recall key information as well as expand their vocabulary.”

Nichola Pickford, Headteacher at The Meadow Primary School, said: “I am delighted that this report showcases the hard work and successes of our staff, Anglian Learning, pupils and the school community. Providing our pupils with an inclusive learning environment that inspires them to reach their full potential is paramount for us. Our comprehensive curriculum inspires each one of our pupils and forms a vital piece of the puzzle in creating a happy and caring school. I’m thrilled to see that the report has captured the essence of our motto, showing how we bring respect, care and learning into everything we do.  A huge congratulations and well done is owed to our dedicated staff, pupils and their families whose efforts have contributed to this continuation of our success.”

Reading has been a core focus of the curriculum with the report noting: “Reading is at the heart of the curriculum. Children learn the sounds that letters represent when they start in early years.  Pupils then quickly apply this learning to spelling and writing words.  The phonics programme complements the regular spelling and handwriting sessions.  This further equips pupils with the knowledge and skills they need in order to be confident readers and writers.”

Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well supported with an accessible curriculum: “Staff support pupils with SEND effectively.  Pupils with SEND fully access the same curriculum as their peers.  Pupils focus on specific social, emotional or academic targets. Well-trained staff support pupils sensitively to achieve well.”

The report also commended pupils on their good behaviour: “Whether in lessons or out of class, pupils behave well. Older pupils undertake a variety of responsibilities that help them to be independent. They enjoy looking after the youngest children during social times. Pupils take pride in keeping their environment clean and tidy.”

Jonathan Culpin, CEO of Anglian Learning, said: “We’re extremely proud of The Meadow Primary School. Nichola and her colleagues have cultivated an aspirational and inclusive learning environment which is evident throughout their Ofsted report. I would like to take this opportunity to applaud all pupils, staff, parents and governors who have been invaluable in achieving this Ofsted grade.

“We’re pleased to see colleagues at The Meadow Primary School proudly demonstrating our Anglian Learning values and showing our commitment to creating dynamic, empowered learners who thrive and lead in their communities: locally, nationally and globally.”

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