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Principal of Linton Village College is proud of staff and students following latest Ofsted inspection

Principal of Linton Village College is proud of staff and students following latest Ofsted inspection

Following a recent monitoring inspection from Ofsted, Linton Village College has been praised for improvement of its curriculum, student behaviour and teaching of students with SEND.

The Section 8 monitoring inspection reviewed the progress the school has made since its last inspection in July and established that ‘there is a determined approach to building sustainable foundations for the longer term.

Stefanie Lipinski-Barltrop, Her Majesty’s Inspector wrote in her report that ‘the impact of leaders and managers at all levels continues to improve.’  She commended the development of the curriculum and said that ‘leaders have thought carefully about the important knowledge that students should learn in all subject areas and the order in which to teach it.’  Students at the school said they ‘understood the new knowledge taught in lessons’ and that they ‘could articulate what they were learning and why.’

After speaking with students, she reported that they ‘feel safe in the school’ and they feel it ‘is really inclusive and welcoming’, which she said, ‘was representative of others.

The Lead Inspector also praised the academy and students for the improvement in behaviour across the school.  The report says: ‘school leaders have recently reviewed the school’s behaviour policy and have taken action to increase the consistency with which staff respond to poor behaviour.’  She continued: ‘on the day of inspection, students conducted themselves well in lessons and around the school site.

The report found that leaders have made improving the learning of students with SEND in the school a priority and concluded: ‘Provision for students with SEND has improved.  The special educational needs coordinator provides useful information for teachers, which they include in their planning.’  The report also confirms that ‘the use of learning support assistants to support the students with SEND is now more effective and consistent.’

After speaking with staff at Linton Village College, Ofsted concluded that staff are ‘proud to work for the school’ and said that ‘they speak positively about the training that they receive from leaders.’

The report ended by praising the school’s leadership and the Trust, with inspectors noting ‘focused leadership from the top is starting to transform the school for the better’.

Helena Marsh, Principal of Linton Village College, said: “We are incredibly proud of the comments made in our latest Ofsted monitoring inspection, which reflect the hard work and dedication of all our staff over the last 18 months.

“It is great to have Ofsted’s recognition of the progress that has been made in such a short time frame.  I am proud of how the College community has pulled together to making great strides in improving the school, in addition to successfully managing significant educational disruption.

“While we know we still have some areas to embed and improve, if we continue on this trajectory with the support of Anglian Learning, we are confident that we will continue to gain the recognition from Ofsted that our community deserves.”

Linton Village College joined a new multi academy trust, Anglian Learning on 1 April 2020. Two new assistant principals, a new director of inclusion and three new subject leaders were appointed in September 2020.

Jonathan Culpin, CEO of Anglian Learning, said: “We are very pleased with the results of the recent monitoring inspection at Linton Village College.  The College’s success demonstrates our Trust’s commitment to supporting dynamic and empowered learners who thrive and lead in their communities.  We have really enjoyed being a key part of the College’s journey so far and look forward to an exciting future.”

To read the full report, please visit here.

For more information about Linton Village College, please visit  Tickets are available for the school’s Open Evening on Thursday 7th October and morning tours the week commencing 11th and 18th October via the College’s website and social media channels.

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